A Devotional Intermission on Valentine’s Day

by Tom Wolpert on February 14, 2021

While I’m preparing the next post on Citizens United, which I suppose in its own way is devotional also, it seems appropriate to present a different type of devotional.  Certainly it’s shorter and easier to read. This reflects love also, but directed in a less traditional way.

My Soul is Flying.

Oh my soul,
Where are you flying to?
My soul is flying to the Lord,
Into his holy city.

And what will you find there,
O my soul?
What will you find there,
In his holy city?

I will find life,
Says my soul,
I will find life everlasting.

Will you find gates,
O my soul?
And will you find guards?

Yes, I will find gates,
Says my soul.
And I will find guards.

How will you pass them,
O my soul,
How will you pass
these gates and these guards,
to enter your city?

My soul is sealed,
Say I,
Sealed with blood from a Lamb.
I will pass into the holy city,
The city of my God,
Pass-marked with the blood
Of his Lamb.

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