How Great Are the Philadelphia Eagles in the Snow!

by Tom Wolpert on December 9, 2013

This post has nothing to do with the law, politics or anything serious!

Just Philadelphia sports.  But how great a victory was that for the Eagles, over Detroit, in the driving snow?   I’ll tell you – really great!  And I’m completely objective.  Not only were the weather conditions horrible, but Nick Foles couldn’t find the handle on the ball to make a pass, and who could blame him?  DeSean Jackson couldn’t run east-west, you couldn’t see him if he went deep anyway.  LeSean McCoy broke the game open with his hurdle on his first touchdown run.  McCoy said it loud and clear ‘Good weather, bad weather, we came to play!’  Sports Illustrated had a nice write-up of the game today (Monday morning), pointing out how flexible and resourceful the Eagles were.  Our guys in green were down 14 points, their game plan was in the round file, their top offensive performers were looking like Big Bird on ice, but not to worry.  Other team gets punt return td, a kickoff return td, but so what?  This is a different kind of team, with some Rocky in them, and they deserve a ‘Yo Adrian” in the team locker room for that.  Not only some Rocky, but some Chip Kelly smarts.  Whatever he said to them at half time worked.  Whatever he says to them during the week must work.  Because this is a team of players who are over-performing, setting offensive records and in the process of going worst to first, and that is a direct result of some great coaching.

EAGLES 33 REDSKINS 27 – But now we know the Redskins are in crash and burn mode.

CHARGERS 33 EAGLES 30 – This one slipped away.

CHIEFS 26 EAGLES 16 – Andy Reid’s last moment of glory.

EAGLES 20 BRONCOS 52 – Okay, it’s Peyton Manning.

EAGLES 36 GIANTS 21 – Satisfying.  But the Giants need a psychiatrist.


COWBOYS 17 EAGLES 3 – Missed this game, fortunately.  Sicily was beautiful, though.

GIANTS 15 EAGLES 7 – ditto.

EAGLES 49 RAIDERS 20 – Nick Foles, what more can you say? Climb those stairs to greatness!

EAGLES 27 PACKERS 13 – True, but without Aaron Rodgers, the Packers play like State Farm agents.

REDSKINS 16 EAGLES 24 – Goodbye Mike Shanahan (and no one will be happier than he will).

CARDINALS 21 EAGLES 24 – Tough game, we got a few breaks at the end, and we’ll take ’em.

LIONS 20 EAGLES 34 – Oh yeah!!

Anyway, it’s Monday morning.  If you need a lawyer, click here, on this Go Eagles!!!!!.  If you have a personal injury case, click here, on this Go Eagles!!!!


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